Sunday, March 4, 2012

Man points gun at women for driving too slow in the fast lane

Amber Ashworth, of Welch, Oklahoma, was driving in the fast lane on the Will Rogers Turnpike when she noticed a white van tailgating her. According to Amber the man in the vehicle behind her put his gun case on his dashboard and pulled out a handgun. The van then pulled up next to her and pointed the gun directly at her.
"I had looked out my passenger window and there is was, you know, pointing straight at me," she said. "I was terrified. I didn't know that he wasn't going to shoot it. That's all I was thinking, you know, what if he was to shoot through my window."
Amber called police and was able to give a detailed description of the suspect.

Police then stopped Mark Oberkirsch. Oberkirsch, who lives in Missouri and has a concealed weapons permit from that state, admitted that he showed the gun during the road rage incident. He complained that Amber was driving 65 mph in the passing lane and when she didn't pull over he passed on the right while pointing the gun at her. He also complained that when he pulled up next to her she was on the phone.
Oberkirsch was arrested on a felony complaint of pointing a firearm. If convicted, in addition to jail time and a fine, he could "possibly" lose his handgun license.