Thursday, January 9, 2014

Maine man shot and killed in road rage incident while heading home from Florida

28-year-old Tim Davison, of Poland, Maine, was driving back home after visiting his sister in Florida.  He was driving north on I-81 near the Pennsylvania-Maryland border when he called 911 to report he was being chased and shot at by someone in a dark-colored pickup truck.

Tim called 911 twice.  A few minutes later the pickup truck ran Tim off the road and someone in the truck shot him multiple times, including in the head.  Tim died shortly after the shooting, at York Hospital in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania authorities are investigating a connection between this killing and another shooting that happened eight hours earlier about 60 miles away.  The victim in that incident, who was not injured, told police that the driver of a black Nissan pickup truck fired at him several times.

Tim's friends and family said he was not the type of person to engage with an enraged motorist. "If anything, he was the guy to calm everyone down," said a friend.

Police are still looking for the killer.

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