Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Concealed Weapons Permit Holders Shoot & Kill Each Other in Road Rage Incident

56-year-old Robert Taylor and 43-year-old James Pullum were driving on a highway in Ionia, Michigan. According to witness reports, Taylor began to closely follow Pullum.

The two men pulled into a car wash's parking lot. They reportedly both exited their vehicles, drew handguns and exchanged fire.

The men were transported to the local hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Police have not yet released information about who fired their weapon first but did confirm that both men had concealed weapons permits.

The owner of the car wash where the shooting occurred told a reported he also has a concealed weapons permit but never carries a gun with him. "It's the strangest situation I've ever heard of," he said. "We've all had altercations in road rage, but to pull a weapon?"

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