Thursday, October 3, 2013

Man shoots and kills woman in road rage attack

30-year-old Matthew Webster, of Swanton, Vermont, was driving home after breaking up with a woman with whom he had been having an affair. Webster met his wife at a gas station where they argued but then agreed to go home and talk. Webster told police that on the drive home he had a Ruger 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in his hand and that he intended to kill himself. He "began squeezing the trigger, but could not do it."

Webster ran a red light and almost got into an accident with a car being driven by 31-year-old Anna Alger, of Highgate. Alger followed Webster and when she saw him pull over, she did too. According to reports, she got out of her car to ask Webster why he cut her off.

Webster described Alger as charging "like a six-point buck coming over a hill." Webster still had the gun in his hand and shot Alger, emptying the clip. He shot her repeatedly, including shooting her in the head and chest. Police found 11 empty 9 mm shell cases on the road near Alger's body. Alger was taken to the hospital but died of her wounds.

Webster's wife told police he is being treated for depression and chronic anxiety among "so many other things." Webster admitted abusing prescription medication including oxycodone and methadone.

Webster has been charged with second-degree murder.


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