Thursday, November 7, 2013

Topeka police chief asks for change in guns in car law

In December 2012, Topeka, Kansas City Council members voted to allow people to carry loaded guns in their vehicles. Now the Topeka Police Chief is asking the Council to change the law.

"It was a let's try it and see what happens," said the police chief. "We tried it and saw that we were seeing some serious situations arise. It made us think maybe it isn't a good idea."

In one recent incident, a motorist pulled a gun on an off duty officer.

"The main issue is the weapon was in the car and the driver did not know the motorcyclist was a police officer," said the police chief. "Also because of the easy availability of the weapon by someone not ordinarily thought of as a criminal."

The chief would like to see the law changed to ban guns in cars with exceptions made for police officers, hunters, and people with concealed weapons permits.

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